these are the products in my makeup bag- click on any item to shop!

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lancome cils booster xl- super enhancing mascara base

I added this mascara base into my makeup routine a few months ago and I never go without it now! I apply it and let it dry before applying my normal mascara. It helps to make your mascara look thicker and fuller!

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lancome hypnose drama waterproof mascara

I switched to this mascara a few months ago and have been really loving the curved wand! It makes it so much easier to apply the mascara, and gives my eyelashes a lot of volume.

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nars highlighting powder

I like to apply this highlighting powder on my forehead, my nose, under my nose, on my chin, and under my eyes to contour my face. I also use it under my eyebrows and on the inner corners of my eyes to lighten up those areas as well. It gives my face a glowy look, which works well when coupled with my bronzing powder.

I use shade “Capri”

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E.L.F. Fan brush

I use this brush to apply my highlighting powder

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nars bronzing powder

I use this bronzing powder along my hairline (I make the shape of a number “3” as I apply) and on my jawline to contour my face.

I use shade “Laguna”

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I use this brush to apply my bronzing powder

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nars sheer glow foundation

I just recently switched to this foundation, and love how buildable it is- I can use it for my everyday look, but I can also build it up to make it thicker for the days I have photoshoots, etc.

I use shade “Gobi”

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real techniques Instapop face brush

I use this brush to apply my foundation

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anatasia beverly hills brow definer

I just recently added this brow definer into my routine, and I have been loving it! The triangular-tip at the end helps to make filling in my brows a much easier process.

I use shade “Medium Brown”

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benefit gimme brow eyebrow gel

I have been using this for a long time and cannot go without it. I always put it on before I leave the house to go anywhere, even if it’s just the gym. It helps to fill in my brows and makes them look fluffy!

I use number “3”

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NARS soft matte complete concealer

I have been using this concealer for the past few months. I really like to use it underneath my eyes when I’m looking tired, and I also use it to conceal any breakouts I have.

I use shade “Creme Brulee”

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bareminerals gen nude eyeshadow + primer

I like to put this on my eye lids before applying my eyeshadow. It helps to keep the eyeshadow looking good all throughout the day, and it goes on so smoothly!

I use shade “Exposed”

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flesh blush

I apply this on my cheeks, and it gives me a healthy glow.

I use shade “Pulse”

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Real techniques blush brush

I use this brush to apply my blush

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I apply this cc cream before I put on my foundation. It gives my skin hydration, SPF protection, a more evened appearance, and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

I use shade “Natural Glow”

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laneige lip sleeping mask

I like to use this lip mask during the day rather than at night, because it feels a little sticky like a lipgloss would feel. This lip mask smells amazing & makes your lips so soft!

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Lorac pro 3 palette

I have been using this palette for a long time- this thing lasts forever! There are so many amazing colors to choose from.

I like to use colors: blanc, canvas, lit gold, cool taupe, dark mocha, and clay.

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smashbox waterproof eyeliner

This has been my favorite eyeliner for a while because I love how it sharpens itself every time I open and close it! It is also waterproof, which every girl needs.

I use shade “Penny Lane”

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E.L.F. eye shadow brush

I use this brush to apply my eyeshadow (I use the same brush for all of the shades I wear)

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revlon super lustrous lipstick

I use shade “wine with everything” and it is my favorite red lipstick to use when I want a little pep-in-my-step!

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YSL’S liquid matte lip stain

Shade “25” is the perfect every day lipstick color. I love how long it lasts for!