My (Current) Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products

Hi ladies!

It’s Wednesday and it’s just about time for happy hour, so let’s just lay this all out right quick. If you need new beauty products, I would highly recommend checking these items out! I have found them all to be SO helpful for various reasons, which you can read about as you scroll through each of the 10 products below:

1. Pret-a-powder by Bumble and Bumble: this is a dry shampoo that works to bring volume (I need volume!) and texture. This stuff is my life saver, I use it just about every day.

2. Lorac PRO 3 pallet: this eye shadow pallet is the one I use on the daily, as my everyday look. I specifically like to use the “cool taupe,” “blanc,” “lit gold,” and “medallion” colors

*let me know if you’d like to see a tutorial of how I apply those colors in the comments below and I would be more than happy to


3. Oribe hair texturing spray: you guys, this spray smells SO good! I would get it just for that reason alone. But, it also gives my hair texture and volume, which my hair needs lots of since my hair is naturally smooth and silky


4. Tula hydrating day and night cream: I just recently bought this cream and I don’t know that I’ll ever stop. It’s made my skin look a lot more even because of how hydrating it is. I also love that it is made with probiotics and superfoods because I’m all about using healthy products!


5. Native deodorant: I started using this deodorant two years ago, specifically the “coconut and vanilla” scent. It is free of parabens and aluminum, which is why I switched to this brand. It smells really great, and it actually works! I’ve tried other deodorant brands that are free of parabens and aluminum and they didn’t actually protect from odor the way they should. Go Native!


6. Smashbox waterproof eyeliner: I use it in the color Penny Lane in my daily make-up routine and have found this eyeliner to be really great. Not only is it waterproof, but it also sharpens on its own every time you open it…need I say more?


7. Vanity Planet ultimate skin spa, facial cleansing system: I recently started using this cleansing system, and don’t think I’ll ever go back to washing my face with my hands. It cleans on a deeper level than what my hands are capable of, and it leaves you feeling so fresh after. It comes with three heads: a daily cleaning brush, an exfoliating brush, and a silicone brush for sensitive skin. *Make sure you dry out your brushes well and clean them after each use so they don’t get filled with bacteria!


8. Smooth me ingrown hair wipes: These wipes from European Wax Center are my best friend. I’ve been using them for years and they have made such a big difference in my life. They work to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps and helps to slow the regrowth of hair. I use them in between my trips to get waxed!


9. Stem Cellular CC cream by Juice: The lady working at Ulta introduced me to this brand because I needed an SPF to wear under my make-up every day. This cream was totally up my alley because not only did it provide the SPF coverage I needed, it also evens out my skin, has a tinted coverage in it (which I use as a primer before applying my foundation), and it has all safe ingredients in it.


10. Lancome Color Design Lipstick: I use the color “307 pale lip” and I love to use this lip color in my every day routine because it is very natural, but adds a little bit of life to my face. Very natural looking!


Have you used any of these products before? Let’s chat in the comments below :)

xx, Lindsey