10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Planning a Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are SO many things to consider. It can be extremely overwhelming, all-encompassing, and even a bit daunting. And let me tell you, I experienced all of those feelings when I began the process of planning my wedding. This is why I feel so compelled to share with you some things I wish I would have known beforehand. For all of you bride-to-be’s out there I hope and pray that this is helpful for you to read BEFORE your planning process begins to eliminate some of those unnecessary stresses so you can enjoy every moment of this exciting time!


Okay, here we go- grab a cookie (or two), a coffee, and get cozy :)


1.     The “engaged season” can be a very difficult time. Don’t have a long engagement! I’m telling you, once you’ve made the decision to get married you’re just going to want it to happen already. It’s challenging to have a wedding on your mind, future plans, and try to do “normal” life all at once, so don’t let this season drag on too long. (My husband and I did 6.5 months and it was just enough time to plan the wedding without it being too stressful)

2.     Know exactly what you want your vibe and look of the wedding to be BEFORE you start telling people/vendors about your vision. Everyone is going to have their two-cents and you can easily lose track of what you want when the peanut gallery is filling your thoughts.

*Also, make sure your Pinterest is a perfect representation of how you want your wedding to look like because your vendors will reference it for inspiration

3.     Have both a male and female photographer on site for the day of the wedding. Girls think of shots that guys wouldn’t ever think of! (ex: a shot of your jewelry and shoes) Girls also know when hair and makeup needs fixing. Use the male photographer to take care of the groomsmen & groom, while the female stays with the ladies (pre-ceremony, of course).

4.     Come up with a hashtag BEFORE you get engaged. When the time comes for the engagement, you’re going to want to post about it- so be ready :)

5.     If you can help it, get married in a small town. I would have never thought about this, but when the vendors know each other it makes your life so much easier because they communicate without you having to be the middleman.

6.     Don’t plan anything the day after your wedding. You’re going to be so tired from interacting with guests all night, so you will want to just chill and recoup the following day. (my husband and I woke up at 7 AM to help family members clean up the house we were staying in- I wouldn’t recommended doing this, HA!)

7.     Designate someone in your bridal party (or someone who will be near you all of the wedding day) to be the person that reminds you to take moments throughout the day to take it all in and to appreciate it (it goes by so fast!)

8.     Make a list of where everything needs to go (i.e. specific table décor, table cloths, etc.) before the wedding day so you aren’t the only person that has this information. You don’t want to be dealing with these logistics on the day of!

9.     Remember to count you and your fiancé in the headcount for dinner/tables/etc. You two are included in the party!

10.  Even if you choose not to get a wedding coordinator, get a DAY-OF coordinator because this person will keep things flowing during the wedding day properly and will coordinate with all of your vendors for you beforehand/during.

I hope this is helpful and encouraging! Let me know your thoughts below.

xx, Lindsey