Our Honeymoon- Details and FAQ's

Our wedding was the most perfect day, and even now I am still giddy thinking about how incredible everything turned out and how much fun it all was. But, I can’t believe it has now almost been 6 months and I still have yet to write about our amazing honeymoon in Jamaica. It’s not too late, right?


After contemplating on whether or not to take a trip to Italy for our honeymoon, Adam and I decided on going somewhere tropical where we could just chill and not have to plan out anything extra (the wedding took all of my planning juices out of me!). We landed on Jamaica because it was the closest travel destination in the Caribbean to us. We wanted to stay in an all-inclusive resort so that we didn’t have to worry about a thing for a whole week, and just solely be together. We found a resort called Azul Beach Resort in Negril, and honestly, we could not have chosen a more perfect spot to honeymoon. It was right on the 7-mile beach, where we could just lay out in a cabana, go in the warm ocean, or pool hop all day long. And that’s exactly what we did, for a whole week! We also loved the fact that this resort had various restaurants to choose from, so every day we would just switch up our restaurant venue in the midst of our beach-ing, pool-ing, and relaxing.

Not to mention, since everything is included, we had room service every morning for breakfast. This was the first time I had ever experienced room service, so I felt like a real princess, haha. This also meant drinks for days, so of course we had all the tiki drinks while we were enjoying the sunshine. My favorite spot to hang during the days were these fun cabanas!

The resort also offered excursions, extra services, and nightly activities. The things we decided to add onto our stay was a couple’s massage, a tubing experience, and a romantic dinner for two on the beach. We found it to be the perfect mix to add these fun things into our week! The massage itself was very relaxing and the spa we were in was beautiful and serene. At the end of our massage, they put mine and Adam’s hands together and left us that way in the room, it was so cute! Although, in the moment we both didn’t know what was going on and only found it to be cute after we realized it was each other’s hands we were holding, ha!

The tubing experience was probably my favorite day during the week because we got to get onto the back of a boat and be pulled on a tube. As a kid I LOVED going to the lake and doing this, so it was a very nostalgic thing for me to do with Adam. We also were being totally egged on by the driver of the boat, which made my competitive side come out and had both of us leaning from side to side as the boat turned so we wouldn’t fall off (we didn’t).

Then, on our very last night in Jamaica we did our dinner for two on the beach, and OMG it was a real-life one-on-one date from the Bachelor. (Funny story actually, I tagged The Bachelor in my Instagram story post and Chris Harrison replied back to us- it was a fun moment). But, it really was very romantic, with a hand-drawn heart in the sand with candles surrounding it, and a table set for two in the middle of the heart with champagne and flower petals. The dinner itself was our favorite meal of the whole week, because we got to choose each of our 5 courses beforehand and because of the magical ambiance of it all. It truly was such a fairytale moment!


Frequently Asked Questions about Azul Beach Resorts


Q: Is this an adult only resort?

A: No, there were families there too. In retrospect, it might have been nice to be at an adult only resort for this occasion, but we didn’t mind the kiddos around.


Q: Did you feel safe at the resort? Was it safe to leave the resort?

A: We felt very safe there. There were security guards all around the premise of the resort, and no one could come onto the beach area unless they were staying there. One time we wanted to take a walk on the sand and the guards made us write down our names when leaving and coming back. We purposely didn’t make any plans to go off of the resort because we weren’t sure how safe we would feel, but in retrospect we feel like it would have been fine to leave the resort with the resort staff on any of the excursions.


Q: How far away is it from the airport?

A: It is about an hour and a half away from the airport, but we arranged a driver from the resort to pick us up at the airport and take us back afterwards. We really enjoyed our time with our drivers because we felt like it was built in time to learn more about the Jamaican culture.


Q: What was the weather like?

A: Since we were there the last week of November/first week of December we figured it would be nice out, but it was really nice out! It was in the 80’s all week long, which to us felt amazing coming from 50-degree weather back home. The water was really warm there too!


Q: What was the food like?

A: We didn’t really get to experience true Jamaican food, since we were at a resort that had very Americanized restaurants. But, with that being said, we really enjoyed the food! The resort had an American restaurant, a Thai restaurant, a buffet, a smoothie bar, an oriental restaurant, and a Caribbean restaurant, so we had the choice of choosing whatever food we wanted. One of the main dishes in Jamaica is jerk chicken, which we got the chance to try and both loved it!


Q: Were there bars at the resort?

A: Yes! All over the resort. Some of the bars were swim-up bars and some were not Also, some of the swim-up bars were adult only, so you could choose if you wanted to be near the families in the pool or not while sippin’ on your pina colada.


Q: I’m thinking of going to Jamaica, would you recommend the resort you stayed at?

A: Yes yes yes! It was everything we wanted it to be, and we want to go back again sometime. If you do decide to stay at Azul, definitely bring a couple outfits that are nicer though, because we weren’t prepared for the nightly activities when it came to dress code (such as the black and white Gala).


 Overall, we loved our stay at Azul Beach Resort. It was the perfect spot to honeymoon at, and we felt so thankful for the chance to go. If you are planning your honeymoon and have any questions, please let me know and I would love to help!


xx, Lindsey