Top 10 "Must Do's" in Nashville

1.     Eat at Frothy Monkey

Why? The “farm breakfast” is amazing (eggs, bacon, toast *gluten free option, and potatoes). I loved it so much that I went back and ordered the same thing the next morning. Also, the hazelnut latte was incredible and they even had gluten free muffins! The vibe of the restaurant is urban and hip, and it is great for all times of the day. It has breakfast/lunch/dinner options, coffee, and wine/beer. It is set up to be part bar, part coffee shop, and part restaurant.

2.     Hangout at Pinewood Social

Why? It is another place to go at any time of the day! It has a coffee shop and a study area (v hip and trendy study spots), a bar where you can get apps and drinks, a restaurant where you can sit down at booths and order food, and a bowling alley in the backroom to get a round of bowling in. I would consider this an “adult hangout” spot, but kids are welcome too!

3.     Grab food or a drink at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Bar

Why? There are a LOT of bars on Broadway Street (the most “happening” spot in Nashville), and most of said bars are multi-level. My favorite part about this is that there is live music on each level, so if you don’t like the music where you’re at you can just walk up or down a flight of stairs to find another scene, without actually having to switch to a new bar completely. Most all of the bars on Broadway have rooftop areas too, which is really fun! The reason I liked Jason Aldean’s more than the others is because it felt a little less grungy than some of the other bars and the food was really good (we also had a really nice waitress while eating there!). If you don’t end up making it to this bar, the Dierks Bentley bar was really enjoyable as well!

4.     Shop at Kittenish

Why? This store was my leopard-loving-heaven! It was decorated SO cute inside, with pink neon signs on the walls, leopard items all throughout the store (I got a really cute leopard hat!), adorable handbags, and the cutest rompers! This store is located in the Gulch District, which you should definitely stop by if you’re in Nashville because it has lots of murals to take photos in front of and fabulous stores.

5.     Eat at Five Daughter’s Bakery

Why? It is so hard to find sweets that are both gluten and dairy free. Sometimes I can find a gluten free donut here or there, or maybe a dairy free one, BUT NEVER BOTH. This bakery was the first one I have ever been to (that’s saying a lot!) that had a donut I could actually eat. And. It. Was. So. Good. The best part? There was an entire section of gluten and dairy free donuts to choose from, not just one flavor. I got the chocolate salted caramel one and the chocolate coffee one (just because I could) and I was in heaven. I went to the location in “The Factory” in Franklin.

6.     Go to the Johnny Cash museum

Why? I’m not a museum type of girl. But this museum really fascinated me. Going into it, I knew that Johnny Cash was a well-known famous country singer (my family listens to him all the time!), but I learned SO much more about his life than I thought I would. He was a very impressive guy and did a lot of really good things in the world, despite his substance abuse. The museum includes so many artifacts from his life, including his high school report card and his handwritten love letters to his first wife. If you’re even the slightest bit of a country music fan, this is a must!

7.     Take a photo in front of the “I believe in Nashville” sign, and stop in Draper James while you’re at it

Why? This sign is so iconic. You have to get a photo in front of this mural, or it didn’t happen, am I right? This mural is right beside the famous “Draper James” store, which is owned by Reese Witherspoon. The store is really well done, with southern style clothing, purses, hats, books, candles, etc. The ladies that work there were so nice and they offered me a glass of sweet tea while shopping around. This stop is definitely worth your while!

8.     Go to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Why? They have dairy free ice cream options! I got the chocolate truffle coconut flavor, and it was one of the best dairy free ice creams I have ever had. I got one scoop, and it left me wishing for more! There are many locations all around Nashville, so there’s no excuse to miss out on this :)

9.     Shop at White’s Mercantile in Franklin

Why? If you’re in Nashville, you have to make the 25-minute drive into Franklin. This little town is cute and quaint, and is a nice break from the craziness of downtown Nashville. The main street in Franklin has lots of shops, including White’s Mercantile. This store is owned by Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter, and has a lot of really cute farmhouse items. Also, if you have the time to drive 15 minutes more, head over to Leiper’s Fork and keep your eyes out for Keith Urban (I heard he lives there!).

10.     Eat at Mojo’s Tacos

Why? This taco shop is inside a place called “The Factory” which is located in Franklin, right off of the main street. The Factory has many restaurants, flower shops, craft shops, and clothing shops and is definitely worth stopping to look through and having a bite to eat. I would highly recommend eating at Mojo’s Tacos! The food is great and the place is hip and trendy. For all of you gluten free people out there, they have a gluten free menu as well! I got a steak taco with fajitas and it was so yummy!

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Thanks for reading, ya’ll!

xx, Lindsey