How We Met

It all started with a job interview...

Little did we know, this interview would end up changing the course of our lives.

Adam and his business partner interviewed me for a position at their marketing company, but it was clear that marketing was not the direction I wanted to go. Needless to say, there was no job offer. Looking back now, it is very clear that God had an even greater plan ahead.

Soon after, I decided to pursue my teaching credential and neither of us realized our paths would ever cross again.

Fast forward to a few months later. I was with a friend in Orange County for Easter Weekend visiting with family. My friend and I had made a pact to sign-up for Bumble (a dating app) just for that weekend, joking that we would ever really find love. During the last day of the Easter weekend, I came across Adam's profile on the app. I showed my friend the photo of Adam and said, "Oh my gosh, this is the guy I interviewed with!"

Of course, my friend immediately grabbed the phone and swiped right on his profile (so embarrassing!). Long story short, I had a small panic attack that her swipe had just indicated there was interest in a guy who didn't hire me. But, right after she swiped it said there was a match, which meant that he had already swiped right on my profile. I was honestly really shocked, and even a little more embarrassed at this point because this meant I had an opportunity to message him…

A week after connecting on Bumble, Adam and I mutually agreed to go on a date and to put the interview relations aside (after all, I wasn't an employee so it wasn't against any office standards!).

Our first date was at a small Italian restaurant in San Diego, called Civico. We hit it off immediately! Of course, the first thing we did was laugh about the previous time we had met. Adam explained to me that I didn't get the job because they could sense my passion did not lie in the marketing world. And to be honest, I think I would have thought he was just saying that as a cover-up if he weren’t so genuine about it all. I could tell he truly meant it, which calmed a lot of nerves, ha! Anyways, he was 100% correct about not being passionate about marketing, as I explained to him that the closed door was what propelled me into pursuing teaching (God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?).

The first date went amazing! We ended up going to two more places that night, just as an excuse to keep spending time together. It was clear we had so much in common and an insane amount of chemistry from the very first minute.

*Side note, we re-created our first date at Civico in our engagement shoot, and even took pictures in the same exact spot that we met up at for the first time! Here are a few of those photos:

After the first date, we couldn't help but want more time together. So, date number two happened, and then date number three, four, ...and within a few short months we both knew what we wanted: marriage.

Adam proposed to me on Easter weekend 2018. Exactly one year after we had first connected on the dating app.

We are thankful every day that God knew what he was doing when he set that interview up!


xx Lindsey