Our Proposal

Hi everyone! People always ask about mine and Adam’s proposal story, so I thought I would share it with you all on today’s post. Feel free to grab a coffee and get cozy because I’m including lots of detail. Here we go!

We had been dating only for a few months, but it was very clear we both knew we wanted to move towards marriage. Naturally, we talked about our future plans often- we knew we wanted to stay in San Diego, we wanted to have a family in the future, and we wanted nothing more than to live life together every day. We would talk about how nothing and no one has ever made either of us feel the way we feel about one another (I later wrote in our vows that he had completely redefined love for me and that I knew he was made for me when “home” went from being a place to a single person). We were, and still are, so utterly in love.

Ring shopping came soon after, and we chose to go to the ring store together to pick one out. I actually ended up designing my ring since they didn’t have exactly what I wanted. I basically took pieces of 4 rings and combined them into one. We had so much fun doing this together! Some couples decide to do it other ways, but for us we wanted this to be an experience we shared together.

Fast forward to Easter weekend of 2018, and we had plans to be with family. We were all getting together for a “family gathering” at my grandparents’ house. Adam told me he had a work thing going on that night and that he would meet up with us the following morning. I honestly thought nothing of it because we have family gatherings often so it truly wasn’t a big deal. So, we all get to the wine bar in town to meet up for happy hour before heading to the house. We’re having a good time, sipping on wine, getting caught up on life, and taking cousin photos. Nothing out of the ordinary.

My cousin and I at the wine bar. SO oblivious to what was about to happen!

My cousin and I at the wine bar. SO oblivious to what was about to happen!

Then, my mom suggests we all go down to the water at the beach to take a few more photos before heading to the house. Uhm, okay. Sure, mom. We get down to the bluff overlooking the water and my cousins are nowhere to be found. I’m getting so confused and annoyed at my mom for suggesting all of this. The next thing I knew, I turned around and Adam was standing there. I literally blurted out, “what are you doing here!?” Not, “Hi!” or “Wow I’m so glad you’re here!” In retrospect, I really wish I would have understood what was going on. But, in the moment, I was extremely confused. Adam took a minute to calm me down and assure me that everything was okay.

The next thing I knew he was down on one knee and he asked me to marry him (and said a few other things that I honestly can’t remember because I was too in the moment). My heart was beating so quickly and everything was such a blur, but his face (and that ring!) were crystal clear. I was going to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person in the whole world!

I thought the surprise was over, and I had figured out at this point that my cousins weren’t actually meeting us down by the water for photos. But, we drove to my grandparents’ house, where my cousins actually were, and we stepped foot inside to another surprise. Every single person that we know and love filled the entire living room yelling, “congratulations!” My eyes started filling with tears because of how overwhelmed I was by the love surrounding us. I couldn’t believe Adam had orchestrated all of that just for me. My natural inclination was to turn around and walk back out the front door, but Adam grabbed me and assured me it was okay. (Apparently, I needed lots of these reassuring moments, I’m realizing as I write this, ha!)

We had a very special night celebrating with all of our friends and family- just having all of our people in one place was such a gift, one that we will never forget.

That night when we got back to my moms, Adam filled me in on all the behind the scene planning. He was dying to fill me in since he had to keep it all a secret for so long! I learned that he had facetimed with all of my family members to plan this night out, having certain family members fly out to CA and drive distances to be there. He had secretly done these facetime calls, phone calls, emails, etc. to coordinate this special night and to make it all happen just the way I would have wanted it.

I knew I loved him, but seeing how much time and energy he put into our engagement reaffirmed everything! He knows how much I value being with the ones I love, so he made sure to pick a date that everyone could be a part of. He knows how much I absolutely love the city of San Clemente (because of all the childhood memories associated with it), which is why he chose to pop the question there. He knows how much I love the beach, so he knew I would love to be on the bluff overlooking the ocean. The entire thing was so intentional and thoughtful, and I felt so known by him. March 31, 2018 will always be a very special day for us!

Thanks so much for reading our story! Your love and support means the world to me.

xx, Lindsey